Durst M370 BW - a low budget enlarger for the black and white photography, pinhole photography - 2020

Durst M370 BW

0 min read December 24, 2019 by Seba The Box

Durst M370 BW

Durst was my first choice in terms of low budget enlargers. I have found it on ebay-kleinanzeigen for 80 euro in vergrößerer category.

Durst M370 BW with 50mm Rogonar lense
Rogonar 50mm – 1:2.8f

I think it is a really good starter for someone who is not sure about investing more in photography. Berlin has a relatively big community of people interested in analog photography.

The M370 is a lower end condenser enlarger produced in Italy. What does it mean? Basically, if you want to print something from a larger film than a standard 35mm picture, you will need to invest extra to get the dedicated condenser. For example, if you like to play with a 6×6 format, your enlarger will require Durst Lidicon 100 condenser and 80mm lense.

Hauck MT 60 Photo-timer
My homemade darkroom