Civilizations: Making of

0 min read February 8, 2020 by Seba The Box


Civilizations is a pinhole photography project where I focus on humans. The first draft appeared in my sketchbook with a pencil in 2019. It was wintertime. I remember that it wasn’t easy to find plants for my little trees. I wanted to create a raw scenery with mountains, almost like a post-apocalyptic world. I could not tell my story without having my little actors who played a crucial role in the whole spectacle.

The Wasteland

I wanted to have my background rocky and dry. This will emphasize the atmosphere of the wasteland. I have used cardboard for the foundations. I have made all of the structures with simple cardboard shapes. Entire construction I have covered with toilet paper, painted with dissolved in the water glue for wood with a bit of acrylic color.

Toilet paper is fun!

How did I the human figures?

To create my characters I have used photography. I have taken a photo session with models and then with some magic cmd + p, I made them visible on the paper!

I used a sewing needle to place them on the ground

The Clouds

I used the cotton to shape the clouds

Illusion of the sky

To create this illusion I decided to use painted cardboards, and on the opposite side of the stage, I have placed reflecting foil which has features of the mirror. The foil was easy to shape, so I could easily change the position and angle of it – to make sure that I am reflecting what I want to see in my pinhole camera viewfinder.

Complete scene with the pinhole camera on tripod
Pinhole camera made of Ami 66
My custom pinhole camera with the 5×7” negative

Digital documentation

Below you can find some of the digital photographs plus some dirty negative scans. The final photographs have been taken with Ami 66 on Kodak Ektar 100 color film. Currently, I do not have the possibility to get the high-quality scans but if you would like to have one of them on your wall (for example 50 x 50 cm looks pretty neat) just message me!

I am also opened to any type of co-operation, so feel free to ask!

With a digital eye

With an analog eye