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Art project started in Berlin about pinhole photography

What is pinhole?

How pinhole camera works?

Pinhole camera – basically is a box with a small aperture/hole. How does it work? Light from the World goes through the hole and projects image on the opposite side of the box where the film is placed. As a result, we have an inverted image in negative. Let’s break it down into steps on how to take a pinhole photo!

Calculate exposure time

You can use a simple light meter to measure the amount of light reflected from your object in your direction. Once you have proper exposure time you can start your timer!

Take a photo!

As you know already the exposure times can be really long. You want to keep your image sharp as possible so let’s make sure that your camera is fixed on photo stative. And release the cover from the aperture!

Make it Big!

If you have a photo enlarger you can easily make a big copy of your photograph. But it not necessary to have it, you can still make a contact print from your negative sheet. Just place your negative on photographic paper, cover it with a piece of glass, and use a simple flash lamp!

Develop it by yourself!

The development process of the negatives and photographs is quite similar. The only difference is that negative is developed in completely dark and paper can be managed in red light.

How to build your own pinhole camera?

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